What Are The Reasons Why Bedroom Ceiling Fans Do Not Turn?

What Are The Reasons Why Bedroom Ceiling Fans Do Not Turn?

Bedroom Ceiling Fans trust is still a kind of electric fan that many families will use now. Compared with our floor fans and even our seat fans, Bedroom Ceiling Fans can not only show the wind in a larger area, but also the wind force is many times larger than that of floor fans and table fans.

Therefore, such a fan with a large audience area and strong wind is still the choice of many families. But in our daily use, we will find that Bedroom Ceiling Fans will not turn when they turn. what is happening. So next, the editor will tell you what the problem is that our Bedroom Ceiling Fans are not turning.

Main reason

  • 1. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal.
  • 2, check whether the built-in protector of the fan is disconnected.
  • 3. Check the winding.
  • 4. Check the capacitance.

The specific operation method: first turn the fan blades by hand,

If the bearing is running hard, it is because the bearing is out of oil and stuck. Just take it apart and add a little butter.

If it turns easily, the capacitor is broken and the capacity is insufficient. Just change a capacitor.

If it doesn’t work, the motor coil is burnt and there is no repair value. Just replace it with a new one. Winding the motor is not cheaper than buying a new one.

other reasons:

It is possible that the rotor (the standard should be called the bearing) is out of oil-turn off the power, stand at a certain height, pull the fan blade back hard with your hands to see if the rolling is very smart, if it sways, or even has a chirping sound, Then, add some lubricating oil to the rotor in the middle of the Bedroom Ceiling Fans, and then turn on the switch after it absorbs the lubrication, and the speed should be restored.

2 It is possible to switch the box, which is the speed-adjusting box on the wall. Buy one again, install it, try it out, and you can restore it.

Check if there is any problem with the fan blades-turn off the Bedroom Ceiling Fans and check carefully whether the fan blades are deformed. If it is severely deformed, it will also affect the speed. This situation may be present.

It may also be that the capacitor is broken-this is relatively professional and requires a relatively professional master to repair it. However, the contribution of Bedroom Ceiling Fans is so great that it is absolutely necessary to spend some money to repair it.

Summary: Generally speaking, our Bedroom Ceiling Fans do not rotate. Many times, it is due to internal problems in our Bedroom Ceiling Fans. So we can check one by one and find out what caused the problem. Of course, there is a problem that the Bedroom Ceiling Fans do not turn, we should first see if our Bedroom Ceiling Fans have problems with the power supply.

If so, we only need to assist our Bedroom Ceiling Fans to scroll by themselves, and the Bedroom Ceiling Fans will continue to scroll. If it is not a power supply problem, you can also check them one by one according to the methods listed in the editor above.

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