Buyers Guide | Wall Fans Or Table Fans?

Compared with ceiling fans or stand fans, these two fans are small size fans. Because of their size, more and more families prefer to buy them. But they still hard to decide to buy wall fans or table fans. It is because they also look similar. Both of them have a bar-shaped body. Here are some differences between wall fans and table fans.


Although they look similar, the table fan has a stand that could place on the table in a stable situation. As for the wall fan, it is installed in the wall. The body plays an important role in supporting the fan’s work.



The table fan is more portable. You could bring the table fan to every room of your house. Therefore, you don’t need to buy too many fans in your house, an electric table fan could meet your need!

Literary meanings, a wall fan is usually installed in the wall. A wall fan also could be called wall mounted fan. Although the wall fan is less portable, the wall fan is not occupied the floor space. If your house is out of floor space, you could choose the wall fans.

wall fan with remote

wall fan with remote

The Wind Blow:

These two fans oscillate in certain directions and circulate air in a direction at a time. Table fans too circulate air, but they push the air outward instead of down.

Table cooler fan

Generally, Wall fans are underestimated.  Wall fans prefer to push air around the area where they are installed in. Wall fans can provide air from different angles.  This is especially useful in a room with many people as then no matter where someone is they are bound to get the necessary airflow. This facilitates the device to provide airflow over a larger range of area, making it an efficient choice.


Therefore, if you live in a small size house and lack money, you could buy a table fan as a cooler machine. If you more focus on the airflow, you could choose the wall fan to make the airflow of your house more invigorate.

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