A Electric Fan Keeps The Summer Away

Summer is coming, the hot environment are surrounded around us. At this time, we also confuse which electric machine is suit to us to keep the summer away.

Sure, buying a electric fan may rank pretty low on your wish list of exciting home purchases. But when temps start climbing north of 80 degrees and looking at your electric bill causes heart palpations, you’ll more rather turning off the AC in favor of an energy-saving electric fan  that does a good job of cooling off your space. If you want a model that’s power-saving, reliable, and affordable, there’s no shortage of options on the market. However, you are not sure which option could actually give you a cool room. But the fan always be your best choice! Here, I will take Bowin ’s fans as examples to recommend two types of household fans.

Stand Fan

First, I would talk about the stand fans. Stand fans also be called pedestal fans. One of the biggest advantages of a stand fan is that is a very light and portable device. Therefore, you could bring it to everywhere of your house. It also suit to the small-size house.

Light Weight Water Shape Line Grill Hot Sell 16 Inch Stand Fan With X Cross Base

Light Weight Water Shape Line Grill Hot Sell 16 Inch Stand Fan With X Cross Base

Generally, the size model of stand fans in Bowin includes 16 inch, 18 inch. The 16 inch stand fans could cover every angle evenly, Its soft wind could give you a comfortable environment and usage experience. It also equips with  X cross base, which could strengthen the grip rotary control.

Ceiling Fans

If you think the stand fans are more occupy the room space, you could choose ceiling fans.

choose ceiling fans

Ceiling fans also could be an ideal choice. In the summer time simply having a ceiling fan on can make the room feel up to 8 degrees cooler than what it actually is. It is because the cooler air is near the floor, and depending on which direction your ceiling fan is spinning, it can either drag this air up (cooling the room) or push the warmer air down in wintertime. Leaning the blade edges of your fan down and then allowing it to rotate either clockwise for warmth or anticlockwise to cool gives this wonderful effect. The rotation also creates a “breeze” which can help with stuffiness in our house.


Furthermore, nowadays, there many types of Ceiling fans in the market. Fans come in a variety of shapes and styles that can fit any home. If you want to make the house more stylish, you choose some special shapes of fans.

Ceiling fan with light

Ceiling fan with light

This type of ceiling fan has four blade of same weight,which could retain the fan in a stable operation. Its mature paint technology make the machine moisture-proof and rust-proof, easy to clean. Integrated cool fan and lighting function also give you an special using experience. This blades ceiling fan also is a decorative ceiling fan. It is because its blades are made from wooden. The surface and the gloss of the wooden add the unique flavor to your house style.


All in all, from the perspective of the function, the stand fan is more portable, and ceiling fans offer more air flows and is more comfortable. Although they are different, they still have common. Both of them are more practical and affordable than Air condition.

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