Various Types Of Electric Pedestal Fan And Their Characteristics

Various Types Of Electric Pedestal Fan

There are mainly the following styles of electric fans:

1. Electric Pedestal Fan

The electric pedestal fan has a large volume and is suitable for placing in a place with a larger space. The advantages of electric pedestal fan are large air volume, a certain steering angle, and even air volume. The disadvantage is that the mesh cover has large gaps, which can easily hurt the children and generate a lot of noise during work.

2. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are often used in larger public places. The working power is large, the air volume is large, and it also has the function of a chandelier. Because of its heavy weight, it is not suitable for installation in low-rise buildings, and it is easy to fall and cause accidents.

3. Wall fan

The wall fan has a wide range of uses, is very convenient to use, does not occupy ground space, and can produce more concentrated wind. However, installing a wall fan will damage the wall, it cannot be moved, and the wind direction range is relatively small.

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