How To Clean The Electric Pedestal Fan Safely And Correctly

Clean The Electric Pedestal Fan

1. First, tie the power supply of the electric pedestal fan with a rope to prevent accidentally falling into the water to wet the power supply and cause safety accidents.

2. As the whole machine is difficult to clean and the cleaning effect is not good, water easily enters into the motor of the electric pedestal fan, which affects the service life of the electric pedestal fan. This requires us to unscrew the nut with a screwdriver, remove the safety cover of the electric pedestal fan, and then clean it.

3. First brush the removed safety cover, put it in a suitable basin, add detergent, brush the gap with a toothbrush, and then slowly dry it with a cotton swab until it feels no dust, you can clean it with water.

4. Change a basin of clean water to clean the other half of the safety cover and fan blades. Generally, put the wind blade down or diagonally, pour in detergent, scrub with a toothbrush, and wipe with a rag.

5. Wipe the motor behind the fan blade with a dry cloth in time to prevent the motor from working with water, otherwise it will burn the motor. Finally, clean the support rod and base, scrub with a cotton swab moistened with detergent, and then rinse with water.

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