Large-Scale Industrial Ceiling Fan Reduces Noise.

Large-scale industrial ceiling fans are often used in fitness clubs, stadiums, large shopping malls, children’s playgrounds, theaters and other places. In commercial service places, large-scale industrial ceiling fans must first deal with the problem of noise, otherwise it will be directly below The people are uncomfortable. The key noise source of large-scale industrial ceiling fans is the electric motor, so we must adopt certain methods to reduce the noise from the electric motor.

Therefore, when assembling drive shafts and rolling bearings, etc., they should be placed on special fixtures to prevent axial percussion. During radial percussions, the bearing end caps or the inner holes of the rolling bearings should not be tapped immediately. Rough work and forced assembly lines are not allowed. ; Before assembling the rolling bearing of the assembly line, the rolling bearing should be cleaned and demagnetized. The thermal expansion method must be used in the assembly line and the lubricating grease of the relative model and specification must be wiped appropriately. The deep processing process of the rotor of the stationary motor, the rolling bearing of the transmission shaft and the rolling bearing chamber of the bearing end cover should not establish a quality reference point, and implement the most important operation, and the processing accuracy should be as close as possible to the median value of the tolerance level; in addition, the manufacturing enterprises’ The technical level and production line equipment and overalls must be able to ensure the precision of machining and manufacturing.

Electric motors are the cardiovascular system of large-scale industrial ceiling fans. They are used in commercial service places, especially places with regulations on noise. The noise of electric motors must be strictly controlled so as not to affect the function and experience of commercial service places. Play the role of a big industrial fan. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate and implement sound process regulations in the production and manufacturing design of motors, select excellent processing methods and processing technology weapons and equipment, and carry out reasonable control of the noise of large industrial ceiling fan motors.

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