How To Choose White Ceiling Fan In Various Indoor Areas?

The choice of white ceiling fan in the living room. The living room is a place for receiving guests and gatherings. It is also a large area in the whole house. Therefore, many people choose European fans. The fan blades are relatively large in size, which is to ensure the fan area. big enough. The shape of the white ceiling fan is more compatible with the home decoration style, such as country and European decoration, retro European fan lights are a perfect match.

For the fan in the living room, try not to choose the white ceiling fan that sucks the roof, or the white ceiling fan with the chimney opening upwards, because the wind of this kind of fan will be weak, and it is not suitable for a large area. When the fan rotates, the light will swing, which is easy Produce dizziness. Because the fan in the living room is used frequently, it is recommended to install a wall control or remote control, which is more convenient to use and can also save electricity.

The bedroom is a more private and relaxing space, so the white ceiling fan in the bedroom should choose a softer fan, and also need to be equipped with a remote control timer function, so that you don’t have to worry about catching a cold even if you sleep on the fan throughout the night. If the height of the room is low, consider using a white ceiling fan with a ceiling instead of taking up extra space. The light source should not be too bright. A fan with a single lamp design can create the most romantic atmosphere. It is more relaxed and natural to choose a solid wood fan leaf. Equipped with a remote control, it is located on the head of the bed and can be easily touched, which is very convenient.

The fan selected in the dining room should match the size. The dining room and the living room of most families are basically connected together. The air-conditioning cabinet is generally placed in the living room. Such dining rooms are often places where the air conditioner cannot be used. When dining in the dining room, it is difficult to feel the cool breeze from the air conditioner. If the white ceiling fan is installed, this problem does not exist. The size of the fan in the dining room does not need to be too large, because everyone sits around the dining table and eats. Generally, a 42-inch or 48-inch fan is sufficient for households.

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