Do The Fan Blades Matter?

When you lie on the bed and watch the working of the ceiling fans. Do some questions unconsciously come to mind that is what are the functions of the ceiling fan’s blades? Can the ceiling fan blades’ shape be changed? On this page, the author would answer the above questions to help you understand the secret of ceiling fans.

The Primary Function Of The Fan Blade

Actually, the ceiling fans don’t reduce the room temperature. The ceiling fan makes good use of the working of the blades so as to form efficient airflow. Therefore, fan blades are vital parts of a ceiling fan. The modern fan blades are angled or pitched. They push the airflow downward and create a downdraft, so as to drive air efficiently through the space. The pushed direction depends on the spinning direction of the pitched blades and the spinning direction of the ceiling fan.

Electric Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans still make use of Bernoulli’s principle. The working principle of the blade is the same as the airplane wings. The tapered blades actuate an updraft, or “lift”. Therefore, the blades only have one the most efficient shape—-tapered shape, which plays an important role in the working function. The other shapes of the blade may not make an efficient working function.

The Importance Of The Fan Blades

The fan blades circulate the airflow with the help of the fans’ motor. The number and size of the blades are the significant factors that determine the performance of the ceiling fans. In a general way, the more blades, the longer the size, the better the air circulation. However, the air also restraints this trend with its resistance. When we add more fan blades, the fans would have to bear more air resistance during the working process. The additional fan blades also require the motor to provide more power, as a result, the ceiling fan inevitably produces more disturbing noise at times.


Through multiple levels of comparison, electric ceiling fans are a relatively high-efficient cooling machine. The fan blades are the main part of the working of the electric fans. Bowin, the professional China electric fans manufacturer, offers top-quality ceiling fans for the bathroom, living room.

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