3 Fan Tricks To Help You Have A Cool Room In A Hot Wave

High temperature, sweaty back, uncomfortable sleep. We are difficult to fall asleep in such hot weather. We are also worried about the high energy bills from the AC to so that afraid of turning on the AC. Therefore, we prefer to use electric fans to have cool the room. But sometimes we also feel the electric fans can’t supply enough cool air to us. Here, we offer three useful fan tricks to help you have a cool room!

Ice+Fan =Cooler

If you think your box fan is not strong enough to cool the room, you may take as hot to place a bowl full of ice in front of the box fans. When you turn on your box fans, the flow produced by the fans would pass through the ice cubes then become cooler airflow toward the setting direction.

Close The Curtains

We may think that only if we have powerful fans, we can get a cool room. Actually, we may overestimate the function of electric fans. Electric fans indeed play an important role in the cooling room. However, they can’t exploit the advantages to the full in an over the hot environment. Therefore, we need to close the curtains or blinds to make the room stay at a comfortable temperature. If we open the curtains and allow the sunshine to come in, we may make our room become a greenhouse. Therefore, your box fan can’t play its function as the greatest extent in such a hot environment.

Choose The Right Electric Fans

Because of the special installation locations, ceiling fans or wall fans gives an optimal cooling option in the summer. The ceiling fans could drag the cooler air which is near the floor up and create a “breeze” to solve the stuffiness problem. If your house is small and has poor circulation of air, you could place the box fans or table fans in the windows to improve the circulation of air. A good circulation of air also can give you a comfortable indoor environment in the summer.
Oscillating Wall Fan 16‘’ 18‘’ Wall Fan


As an old Chinese saying, methods are always more than difficulties! Facing the hot weather and flat wallet, we still have solutions to create a comfortable and cool house environment. If you want to purchase a high-quality electric ceiling fan, wall electric fans, and powerful standing fan, Bowin could satisfy your specific needs with a variety of electric fans.

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