How To Determine How The High Speed Ceiling Fan Motor Is?

1. Judging one of the most important factors of the quality of the High Speed ​​CEILING FAN is the motor.

High speed CEILING FAN is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet, which is much smaller than the ordinary ceiling fan, basically no noise. The electromagnetic effect is also better, low speed and medium speed are adjusted by capacitance, saving more electrical energy than without capacitance. A variety of energy-saving reduction technologies make this ceiling fan with excellent energy saving effect. The noise of the wooden blade is also small than the metal blade.

Shaking is not swaying, seeing can’t see the bracket does not fall, and the other is to install firmness. It is best to choose a wind frame with strong load capacity. In addition, the screw that is installed in the fixed blade should be fixed according to the ceiling material, and the screw must be able to withstand 16 kg of tensile. Compared to other lighting, the High Speed ​​CEILING FAN needs to rotate continuously during the work, and there is a higher requirement for security, so professional will be installed and operated during the installation process. After installation, gently turn the motor with your hand to check if it is flexible when the rotation is. The motor is then gently rotated with hand to check if the motor is flexible when rotating, and ensuring that the fan blade does not collide with any object. After checking the parallelism of the fan blade, all the high edges of the fan blade should be equally high, and the low edge should be equally low, otherwise the fan is shaking when rotating.

High speed CEILING FAN has a certain sales and status in overseas markets, and the product provides them with better products to enable them to enjoy a more comfortable life experience. Facing many brands,

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