How to Clean A Box Fan

portable box fan
But when it comes to the issue of cleaning their box table fans, many families have no idea about to handle it. Because most families usually directly use the portable box fans in the summer, regardless of the dust of the box fan.
It is very important to clean the box fan. After getting a cleaning, the box fan not only provides the users with clean airflow but also is more energy-efficient, no matter what box type fan is. Today, let me teach you how to clean the box fan without too much effort.

Step1: Unplug Box Fan From the Wall

Before cleaning, you need to unplug it from the wall and turn off the box fans, in order to avoid the electric shock accident.

Step2: Remove the Outer Covers of the Box Fan

In this step, we need additional tools—-screwdriver to unscrew to the screws that secure grilles to the metal box frame. After that, you need to place the screws well, in case of losing them.

Step 3: Cleaning the Outer Covers of the Box Fan

The cleaning of the box fans can be divided into two parts: outer covers and fan blades. To clean the outer covers, you need to soak the outer cover in a large basin that is filled with water for a time. Then you need to use the duster cloth to remove the dust or dirt which are attached to the cover. If you are planning to clean the commercial box fan, you could douse the covers down with some vinegar. Then you need to use the hose to rinse off the covers. If you don’t have the hose, you could pour a basin of water to wash the cover.

Step 4: Cleaning the Box Fan Blades

As for the fan blades, you need to prepare a basin of large soapy hot water. The soapy hot water is the universal cleaning for most furniture. You need to use a clean and dry cloth the soak in the soapy water. Then, you use it to wipe the fan blades, to wipe away the dust. You need to wipe the fan blades with soapy water twice. Then you should use clean water to wipe the blades.
You also could use the towel you already dampened with vinegar and water, or apply vinegar and water to a dry towel. In this method, you need to notice that you can not spray directly on the blades, because it would easily corrode the metal blades. You should spray it on the cloth and then wipe the blades with the dampened cloth.
20 inch box fan

Why Does the Box fan Get Dust?

When you are cleaning the fan blades, you may wonder why the fan blades would get dust which are sticks to the blades, especially the high flow box fan blades? Actually, it could an issue of static electricity. Most floating dust particles in your house have some sort of electric charge.

When you turn on the box fans, the fan blades move rapidly through the air, rubbing and brushing against air molecules, and pushing them out of the way. As a result, the charge would be accumulated on the edge of the rotating box fan’s blades. When the dust interacts with the edge of the fan blade, it would be attracted to the charged edge, and thus stick here.


Today, every family owns a box fan for confronting the hot wave of the summer, due to its practical function. To make your box fans work efficiently, cleaning the box fans is one of the most important things to implement.

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