Explore the Basic Knowledge of Electric Table Fan

What is a Good RPM Fan Speed?

When comes to purchasing the box table fan, you may just treat it as an easy job. Hold on! The simple table stand fan covers some complex factors that may affect the use of table fans. You need to understand some basics of the table fans.

Which Motor Used In Electric Table Fan

The motor is a piece of component driving the table fans’ blades to rotate. It consists of a rotor, a stator, the bearings, the windings, the air gap, and the commutator. Generally speaking, the table fans use a single-phase induction motor. But a question also arises. How does the motor work? This question is relates to the fan’s capacitor. The fans motor allows the fans to start and run through the force of the fan’s capacitor that gives the starting torque to the motor.

How Electric Table Fan Rotates

After finishing the reading of the first part, you may slightly realize how the metal table fan rotates? Yes! It depends on the table fan motor. The motor run by an electric current is attached to fan blades by a shaft. When the electricity is on, the motor would drive the shaft to run, rotate around its axis, so as to turn the fan blades.

How to Electric Table Fan Provides Air-Flow?

Have you noticed that all table fan blades are angled a bit? Actually, this is the secret that the standard electric fan how to provide airflow. When the inclined plane of the blade moves through the air, it would push the air ahead of it forward. With the continuous moving of each blade, the airflow also keeps being forced. Then the movement of air made by the fans causes the warm and less dense air to rise, and the cool and dense air to descend, thus creating the cooling environment.

What Is Rpm in Electric Table Fan

Speaking of fan rotation, the RPM is a frequently asked question. The RPM is Rotations Per minute. It is an index that indicates the rotation of the table fans. The faster the electric table fan rotates, the faster is the cooling.

What is a Good RPM Fan Speed?

Typically, it depends on your feeling. It is hard to say some RPM is the best or worse. If you are feeling hot, you may think the good RPM fan speed should be high. If you are feeling cool, you may think the good RPM fan speed should be low. In case of this dilemma, many manufacturers, like Bowin set three cooling modes in the table cooler fan: soft wind, cool, and strong wind. The RPM of the soft wind is about 900. The RPM of cool wind is about 1100. The RPM of a strong wind is about 1200. This setting could widely cater to the using habits of most people.

What is a Good RPM Fan Speed?


All in all, you need to notice the motor, the blades, the RPM, before buying the standard electric fan. These factors would directly determine your cooling experience with the fans. If you happen to find a reliable electric table fan supplier who provides details and buys table fans, you could find Bowin. From portable standing fan to silent table fan, Bowin offers a wide range of electric table fan at a good table fan price.

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