Can Table Fan Be Used As Exhaust Fan

16'' Globe base desk Table Fan

With the development of the modern cooling technique, you may think electric table fan or ceiling fan is out of time, ineffective and expensive to use. Think again! The table fan and electric ceiling fan still are a good way to cool down and get the air in your home moving. But, you may still wonder what a simple table can do? Below are four of the best benefits to use an electric fan in your home.

A Table Fan Can Be Used As An Exhaust Fan

Whether you are dealing with a small kitchen mishap or your cigar-smoking relatives, an electric table fan is your portable and useful exhaust fan. When you place it in the right direction, it can act as a temporary exhaust.

A Table Fan Can Cool Down Your Room

Perfect for more moderate climates, the electric table fan is a great option to cool almost any room in your home. It is because it would create an airflow to circulate the air throughout the room. But sure to pay attention to the size of the room you want to cool, as the small-size electric table fan is not capable to cool a large room. For the large-size room, it needs a more powerful electric fan, such as misting pedestal fan, three blade ceiling fan, 5 blade ceiling fan, etc.

Also, on the premise that the outdoor temperature is lower than your room, you could let your electric table fan or electric pedestal fan blow against the windows at a distance of about 1m away, which significantly make your home cooler. The above method makes use of Bernoulli’s principle to drive the hot air away from your room.

16'' Globe base desk Table Fan

An Electric Table Fan Can Let You Sleep Easier

It is very difficult for us to sleep on a warm summer night. And, you always have to encounter the dilemma between the noisy air conditioner and uncomfortable heat. And the metal fan for bedroom maybe a great method to help you prevent this dilemma. It not only could operate much quieter than an air conditioning unit but also significantly lowers room temperature. In addition, the cool breeze and the white noise produced from the table fan could be relaxing while you try to fall asleep. The pedestal fan with remote could be the best type for the bedroom. The remote control is an excellent addition to your home, which could let you control the working speed of the fan without getting out of bed.

16 inch Electric Oscillating Floor Standing Fan With Remote Control (LED Display) Application

An Electric Fan Accentuate Your Room

One of the reasons why most people think the electric fan is out of time is their designs are fixed. As a matter of fact, to get more orders in such a competitive industry, commercial exhaust fan manufacturers have developed various designs and functions for ceiling fan and table fan. Take an example, various designs are available in the ceiling fan, such as outdoor ceiling fan with light and remote, decorative ceiling fans, antique decorative ceiling fan, etc. You could find the electric ceiling is not a simple cooling machine. With the light, the ceiling fan provides the light supplement solution for your room or outdoor garden.

An Electric Table Fan Save Your Money

Although the air conditioner is still a great cooling machine in the hot wave of the summer, this cooling is built on the relatively high consumption of electricity. As for the electric table fan and ceiling fan, they are the relatively cost-efficient cooling machine. They are not taking too much wattage and provide a great cooling effect. For example, the common box fans in the market consume between 50 to 100 watts of power.

Last Words

As time passes, the electric ceiling fan and electric table fan are still great and practical home furniture for most families. This standard electric fan not only can be used as a temporary exhaust fan but also could create a comfortable and cool environment. Also, the ceiling fans and table fans are one of the wise options to reduce the electricity budget.

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