How Many Amps Does A Ceiling Fan Use?

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As we all know, compared with other cooling equipment, such as AC, the ceiling fan consumes very little energy. The amperage is one of the powerful pieces of evidence. You could take try to calculate the amps of your outdoor ceiling fans or indoor ceiling fans. But, how to figure out many amps a ceiling fan uses? There are several factors that need your consideration, including the type of ceiling fan, its settings, speed, and more. In this post, let us learn some information about the amps of the ceiling fan.

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How Many Amps Does A Ceiling Fan Use?

Generally, the ceiling fan uses between 0.5 amp and 1 amp on average. The used amp mainly depends on the type of fan, model, and settings. For example, the outdoor ceiling fans may use amps more than small room ceiling fans, because the outdoor ceiling fans need more electricity with their large size.

How Many 56-Inch Ceiling Fan Amps Use?

Learned from the ceiling fan amp use table, you could get the answer that is 0.85 amps on average. The following table is the author’s conclusion on the use of amps of various sizes of ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan Size(in diameter)Amps
24 inch0.34
30 inch0.40
36 inch0.46
42 inch0.54
48 inch0.63
52 inch0.74
56 inch0.85
60 inch1.00
72 inch1.50


Tips: decorative ceiling fan with light may draw 2-4 times more amps. A 60-watt blub may use 0.5 amps. Therefore, if you turn on the ceiling fan and fan’s light all the time, it would raise your electric bill.

How Many Floor Standing Fan Amps Used

On average, the floor standing fan uses between 0.3 amps to 3 amps. The consumed power would decrease as the speed of the electric stand fan gets lower.

How Many Box Fan Amps Use?

The box fan usually requires less than 1 amp to function at its best settings. For example, a standard 20 inch box fan needs only about 0.45 amps.

How Many Ceiling Fans on A 15 Amp Circuit?

From the perspective of electrical safety, a 15 amp circuit can run four 280 wattage ceiling fans without any problem. A 120 volt, 15 amp circuit can supply 1880 watts. And the 52-inch fan is between 90 and 100 watts. Then four ceiling fans at 280 watts each are about ⅔ of the total wattage that can be on the 15 amp circuit. Based on this consumed electricity condition, you also could use three 60-watt light bulbs.

How Many Ceiling Fans Can be on A 20 Amp Circuit?

The standard electric fan is between 60 and 80 watts. If you only want to install the ceiling fan, you could install 20 ceiling fans on a 20-amp circuit. Because the 20 amp circuit has a load capacity of 2400 watts, you could use a big air industrial fan and other industrial appliances such as light.

Can 2 Ceiling Fans Be on the Same Circuit?

Yes, you can. If you want to connect two fans to the same circuit and controlled by one set of switches, you just need to connect the ceiling fan’s neutral wires, their ground wires, and their hot wires in parallel.

How Are Amps And Watts Different?

The amps are the unit of current electrical flow and watts are the actual unit for power. If you multiply the amps by the voltage you get the wattage. The amps only have relations with the issue which is about electricity, but watt could stand for other forms of energy.


All in all, an average ceiling fan with a medium to a high setting usually needs 0.5 to 1 amp. Various factors affect the amount of the used amp, including the type of the ceiling fan, size, speed settings, etc. And ceiling fan with light may use more amps than the ceiling fans without lights.