How to Clean an Box fan Step by Step

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When summer comes, many people would directly use their large box fan or powerful box fan from their warehouse that’s been in storage for a long time, regardless of the cleanliness of the fan blades. But, before using them, we had better clean them, because the dirty fan blades would greatly reduce the efficiency of your box table fan and produce relatively less wind. Here is a question comes—How to clean the box fan? Fortunately, this post covers, the reasons why clean box fans, how to clean them(14 inch box fan and 10 inch box fan), and other frequently questions asked?

Reasons Why You Need to Clean Box Fan

In addition to improving the efficiency of the box cooling fan, the clean rotating box fan offers many benefits for you. Here are the main benefits that a clean rotating box fan brings.

The clean box fan blows clean and fresh air since there is no dust and dirt on the fan blades and cover.

The box fan also would be more durable and has a longer service lifetime.

After the cleaning, the rotating box fan works and blows as a brand new box fan does.


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Procedures for Cleaning a Box Fan

Since you clearly understand the importance of cleaning the box fan, it is time to teach you how to clean the box fan. There are six steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Unplug the box fan.

Unplugging the power cord of the box fan which is connected to the power outlet is the first and essential step. It can prevent electric shock accidents away. Then, you need to place it on a table or surface which provides a comfortable working height with you. But, before placing the box fan, the table or surface should be covered by some newspaper or something similar to protect it from dirt and dust.

Step 2: Remove Outer Covers

Unscrew the tiny screws that hold the plastic covers with the screwer. In this step, you need to ensure to unscrew all the screws in the front and back covers. After that, you should organize and place them in a safe space, in case of losing. You could also use a mini magnetic parts tray to store the screws.

Step 3: Clean the Covers

Three methods are available in this procedure, you could select the one which fits you to clean the covers.


  • The First Method: let the covers have a bath. Plug the water pipe into the tub and make sure the tub is filled with water to completely soak the covers. After that, put some detergent in and mix it in the water. After soaking them for a couple of hours, you should rinse the covers with clean water. Then, the dirt is washed off.


  • The Second method, you just need to prepare the vinegar and hose. First, you need to spray the vinegar on the surface of the box table fan. Then, use the hose to spray high-pressure water on the covers for cleaning the dust and dirt., and the dirt will come right off. But, if you want to clean the metal table fan, you had better not use this method, because the vinegar is faintly acid.


  • The Third Method: In this method, you need to make a mixture that is mixed with vinegar and water. Then, you should spray them on a soft cloth or paper towel. Then, use a wet soft cloth or paper towel to wipe them. In order to clean up difficult-to-clean areas, you had better use a paper towel and a q-tip.



Step 4: Clean the blades

The blades are the places that easily accumulate dust and dirt. You could spray the vinegar and water mixture or cleaning agent onto a clean cloth, and use the cloth to wipe the dirt away. But, sometimes, it is hard to clean the stubborn dirt with the mind method. If the above method makes no sense, you could try to depart the blades from your portable box fan and soak them in mildly hot water for a few minutes. However, it is not all portable box fans can be disassembled fully and are able to clean every part separately.

Step 5: Brush the Motor

From industrial box fan to silent box fan, the cleaning of the motor is regarded as the most important thing. You could use a dust brush to remove the dirt that is gathered in the motor.  You also need to make sure that the struts are also well wiped. The clean box cooling fan’s motor could well serve the blowing of the box table fan.

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Step 6: Reassemble the Box Table Fan

Before reassembling the covers and blades, you need to ensure the box table fan components have dried well. You also need to place back the covers and blades in their rightful position before screwing them firmly.


Question Frequently Asked

Here are some questions is frequently asked, which is related to the cleaning of the portable box fan.

How Often You Should Clean a Fan

It depends on the level of dust in the environment. Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is a good idea. and complete cleaning for the box cooling fan should be done at least quarterly, especially during heavy-use periods. It is highly recommended that at least once a week check whether there is dust or dirt on the blades and housing.

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How to Clean Fans without Taking Apart?

There are two ideas to clean your modern box fan. The first one is to use a compressor, and the second one is to use a paintbrush. In the first method, you could take the fan outside and blow it out. In the second method, you can use a long and thin-handled paintbrush to move the dust away.


How Do I Stop My Fan from Getting Dusty?

After cleaning the decorative box fan, you could use a furniture or light waxing solution to keep your fan clean for a longer periods of time.


All in all, the cleaning job in the small box fan is easy if you follow the above six steps. After finishing the proper cleaning, you also need to use a bag or a plastic garbage bag cover and seal it well. If you still don’t want to clean the box fan, you could also buy a cheap box fan as an alternative.

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