10 inch box fan

Looking for a 10 inch box fan that makes the room feel cooler? Discover a selection of customer favorites here at Bowin.
Adaptable and portable, these efficient box fans come with a carry handle, so you can use them anywhere you need a blast of cooling air – from in-home yoga studios to college dorms. Whether you choose classic black or white or add a pop of color to your home with our Cool Colors options, you’ll love these go-anywhere 10 inch box fan.

A 10 inch box fan is 10 inches in diameter and is a common household appliance. It is also known as a window fan because it can be plugged into an electrical outlet to cool down a room or placed in front of the window with the help of window screen to reduce the amount of sunlight entering into a room. Box fans are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around and they are primarily used for cooling down rooms during hot summer days. The 10 inch box fan usually comes with three speeds so that it can accommodate different climates and temperatures in different seasons. The three speeds give users control over how much air circulation they want going on in their home, by using low speed for mild weather and high speed for hot weather conditions. The power consumption for this type of product ranges from 25 watts on low to about 45 watts on high speed; this does not impact energy bills too much because many people use their fans at night when their energy bill will be lower than during the day. The box fan has two parts: an electric motor which rotates blades inside that create wind; these blades move around rapidly so that there will be enough force to cool down a room or space in front of the window screen, depending on where it’s positioned;

A 10 inch box fan is a classic for a reason. With a wide, stable base you can place on the floor, it’s a style of fan that you can use in any room in the house, and, with its own carry handle, you can easily take it wherever you need it. Available in a variety of colors to suit your decor, these classic square fans look great in any setting.

Made in China, our 10 inch box fan from Bowin features all the technological innovation you expect. Look out for our 10 inch box fan series, which has a patented motor so you can place it by a window without having to worry about weather damage, as well as 10 inch box fan with China Compulsory Certification for up to 15 percent more air velocity. Discover the best box fans from Bowin, which are durable and economical to run.