How to Choose the Right Size of Ceiling Fans?

indoor ceiling fans

In the world of home decor, ceiling fans without lights are still popular products among customers. The indoor ceiling fans not only tie the look of a room together but also help you feel cool in a hot wave. But, selecting the right indoor ceiling fans is the crucial part to make these happen. In this post, the author would guide you on how to choose the right size of ceiling fans.

How Does A Ceiling Fan Work?

Before choosing the right ceiling fan for a specific area, you need to understand the working principle of the ceiling fan. The normal ceiling fan is the ceiling fan without light that creates the air flows by rotating pitched blades. During the rotating process, the pitched blades create air flows that improve air circulation, thus achieving “cool” of the body.  Absolutely, the indoor ceiling fans just make you feel cool, and cannot actually change the temperature of a space.

What Size Ceiling Fan for Living Room?

Although, as an entertainment space, the living room usually needs modern ceiling fans with style, the appearance of the ceiling does not stand for the size of your fan or the CFM required to cool the room. Then, the size of the fan for the living room depends on the size of your living room. In the following chart, the author would clearly illustrate which size of ceiling fan for which size of the living room.

Room Size(in Square Feet)Size of Ceiling FansSuggested Amount
>40054-72”More than 1

If your has a living room of 400 square feet, the 56 inch ceiling fan is the best cooling option. By the way, two of 56 inch ceiling fans are suggested, because one fan may not be able to provide sufficient and efficient airflow for such a large size of living room.

What Size Ceiling Fan for Bedroom?

The bedroom is the second best place to install the ceiling fan. The right bedroom ceiling fans provide soothing air circulation to keep the climate cool. Also, the best ceiling fan for the bedroom works to create a quiet hum that is a quiet noise to help you fall asleep.

If you have a bedroom of 144 to 225 square feet, the bedroom ceiling fans with a blade span of 44 to 50 inches are a great option. And, you need to check your ceiling fan to make sure its CFM rating is between 1,600 and 4,500. The higher the CFM rating of the fan, the more air the bathroom ceiling fan moves.

What Size Ceiling Fan for Office?

You may think it is inappropriate to install the ceiling fan in the office. The ceiling fans may not well be splendid with a serious atmosphere. As a matter of fact, a decorative ceiling fan or a decorative ceiling fan with light may provide many benefits to your office. Decorative indoor ceiling fans provide gentle circulation while bringing stylish style to your office.

As for which size of a ceiling fan is good for the office, you can take the above references. The chart is universal for all kinds of rooms.

What Size Ceiling Fan for Garage

Most standard garages are suggested to install large industrial ceiling fans with a blade span of 50 to 60 inches. As for a large garage with a square footage of over 400,  it needs large warehouse fans with a blade span of over 62 inches.


What Size Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor ceiling fans are the current favorite of the outdoor house furniture. outdoor living spaces with an outdoor ceiling fan bring a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors while remaining cool. If your house porches of the size of 144 square feet require a small ceiling fan. And, the large gazeboes ranging in square footage from 225 to 400 may need a large industrial fan with a higher CFM rating to ensure sufficient airflow.

What’s the Recommended Blade Span & CFM Rating

First, the blade span is one of the important factors that determine the ability to circulate the air of the ceiling fan. If the ceiling fan is too small, it is unable to properly circulate the air in the room. Second, CFM is the unit to indicate the ability of airflow of the ceiling fan. In other words, a fan’s ability to move air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The bigger the room, the higher the CFM rating you’ll need. In the following chart, the author would list the size of blade span and CFM rating your room needs.

Room Size(in Square Feet)Recommended Blade SpanRecommended CFM Rating
Under 144Under 42″ Fans1,000-3,000
144-22544-50″ Fans1,600-4,500
225-400Fans Over 50”2,300-6,500
Over 400Fans Over 62”5,500-13,500

If the room is under 144-225 square feet large, a 48 inch ceiling fan with a 1,600-4,500 CFM rating is recommended. Then, the 24 inch ceiling fan with a 1,000-3,000 CFM rating is the ideal option for a room under 144 square feet.


All in all, to ensure the ceiling fans do provides sufficient airflow, it is necessary to choose the right size of the ceiling fans. The right ceiling fans not only could make you feel cool but also improve the airflow of your indoors.

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