How to Choose the Right Pedestal Fan?

pedestal fan with remote

A floor standing fan, also known as a pedestal fan, always is one of the most popular cooling household devices with its outstanding efficient performance and instant cooling ability. Also, with its high portability, you could remove it without effort upon your changing requirements. And, how to choose the right pedestal fan? In this post, the author would list the main factors you should keep in mind while buying a metal pedestal fan.

Air Delivery

The CMM is one of the factors to evaluate the best standing fan. The CMM is the abbreviation of the Cubic Meter Per Minute, referring to the amount of air that is pushed out per minute. The more air that the floor standing fan pushes out, the stronger the breeze will be.


The portability of the floor standing fan is one of the major reasons why people select it. It can be easily moved and can be used in different rooms in your home or even outdoors. Today, the

modern standing fan is equipped with remote control, allowing the users to change the fan mode without movement. In order to make full use of your metal pedestal fan, you need to find a lightweight pedestal fan with remote to let anyone in your family can use the fan without any trouble.


Looking through the whole fan market, there are different sizes of floor standing fans. And, you make find it hard to select the right size because of the various options available. To make the right decision, consider which part of the room the metal pedestal fan would be placed in. If it is a large-sized room, you can choose a pedestal fan that has a bigger area span such as 20 inch pedestal fan. And, you also could go for multiple small-sized pedestal fans to get the breeze from all directions. Then, if the size of the room is small, you could go for the small-sized pedestal fan such as 9 inch metal fan, because it is large enough for the small area that needs to be ventilated.


Although the white noise produced by the outdoor pedestal fan may ease you sometimes, it still annoys you when you have to work on something that requires focus or sleeping. Furthermore, the electric stand fan with more air output tends to make more noise and force that you may not bear. So, you need to test the electric stand fan on multiple speed modes to check if there is noise or not.


The RPM greatly determines the cooling performance of an electric stand fan. RPM refers to the revolutions per minute and is used to measure fan speed. Then, the electric stand fan rotates at various speeds and perform various cooling effect. In other words, the faster the fan spins, the faster it cools. The 1300 RPM electric stand fan is the standard stand fan whereas the electric stand fan with 2100 RPM would be regarded as a high-speed electric stand fan. Then, an electric stand fan with 1300-1400 RPM is a good option for indoor use.


The electric stand fan is one of the most popular home furniture in the market, so the fan industry is mature and the electric stand fan is now available in a variety of price ranges. Then you could freely choose the electric stand fan based on your budget. You may find that the pedestal fan price may be out of your expectations. In fact, some standing fan may provide some unique features and benefits that ordinary standing fan doesn’t have like smart control, so they may be expensive. By the way, some cheap standing fans still meet your daily needs, only if you buy them from reliable brands.

Fan Motor

The fan motor is the factor that always gets neglected by buyers. As a matter of fact, the fan motor is considered the heart and soul of the fan. In the market, aluminum and copper motor are the two most commonly used motors. The copper-wound motors are the best option for the standing fan because the motor does a good job in anti-corrosion.

Last Thoughts

The above sections are the reference to help you buy the best pedestal fan. And, if you want to buy standing fan which is a reliable brand, you could find Bowin, a China manufacturer and supplier of floor standing fans, wholesaling stand fan with water spray, pedestal fan with timer, pedestal fan with remote, etc.