Everything about Wall Mounted Fan

wall fan with remote

The air circulators and a standard electric fan are essentialities in many families. It is because they are the affordable and useful cooling machine that provides quick and easy cooling in any situation. When it comes to the selection of an electric fan, most families may first think of an electric ceiling fan. Actually, with newer technology, a new type of electric fan has launched—-wall mounted electric fan. In this post, the author would give an introduction to wall mounted electric fans.

What Is Wall Mounted Fan?

The wall mounted fan is a type of electric fan installed on the wall. The working principle of the walled-mounted fan is a little different from the electric ceiling fan. The electric ceiling tends to circulate the air and pushes the air down while the wall mounted fan pushes air around the area it is installed in. Because of the wall-mounted design, the wall mounted fan takes no floor space.


wall mounted electric fan

Wall Mounted Electric Fan

What Benefits of Wall Mounted Fan?

With the wall mounted design and unique working mode, the wall mount oscillating fan is able to provide multiple benefits to the users as same as other electric fans. Here are the major benefits which it can offer.

Space Saving

As above mentioned, the wall mounted fan is unlike the floor metal fan and takes no floor space, so it would be perfect for the area where you need to move freely such as gyms, garages, or workshops. And, if your house is designed with a vaulted ceiling, indoor ceiling fans are not the ideal option. Then, the wall mounted fans would be the good ones.

Safe Use

Wall mounted cooling fan would not leave the wires on the floor which may trip you. Also, installed on the wall, the wall mounted cooling fan could protect the children or pets from wires or blades as possible.

Stay Cool Outdoors

The wall mounted fan is a good option for outdoors patios and decks. The outdoor oscillating wall mounted fan not only doesn’t take up your patio space but also provides you with a cooling airflow.

Good for GreenHouse

The plants placed in the greenhouse need regular air circulation. Good circulation could help maintain the indoor temperature and create good ventilation and prevent plant rot. And, some flowering plants can not grow well until grow under a regular breeze environment.

Good for Commercial Use

Because of the walled mounted design and good oscillating ability, it is the perfect cooling solution for a restaurant or other business with an outdoor deck. Because of the good oscillating, it also could keep bugs away.
If you have a large industrial space, the installation of the industrial wall mount fan would be a wise investment. The industrial wall mount fan could disperse water and keep your customers and workers cool.

What are the Applications of Wall Mounted Fan?

Wall mounted fan comes in a range of sizes and styles to fit different applications. Okay, let’s dig in the various applications of wall-mounted fans:

Homes and Residential Use

Homes and residential use basements, home gyms, playrooms, etc tend to need good air circulation to prevent stuffiness. The wall mounted fan indoor could provide these closed rooms with sufficient airflow.


The kitchen is the most traffic-used area in a house because it is the area where people prepare drool-worthy meals for families. Then, it also can be the place that may you sweat the most. However, the lights installed on the ceiling may leave little space for the installation of your ceiling fan. Then, the wall mounted ventilation fan would be a good option to create adequate circulation and ventilation for your kitchen.


wall fan with remote

Wall Fan with Remote



The closed and compact working spaces like sheds, garages, or workshops usually easily and quickly accumulate hot air. And, these spaces even can not provide enough space for the installation of the AC. Furthermore, workstation benches, tools, parked vehicles, etc can leave no space for the placement of the metal table fan. Then, wall mounted electric fan would be the ideal option for the working spaces.

Patios and Outdoor Spaces

If your restaurants have outdoor areas or patios, you may find that these small outdoor areas easily get heated, especially when it caters to a large number of patrons. Then, wall mounted fans would be useful tools to help your keep temperatures down and offer good air circulation.


All in all, the wall mounted fan is the alternative option for making sufficient circulation in the places where the ceiling fans can not be installed. If you are finding a quality wall mounted fan, you can come to consult Bowin, a specialist in wall mounted fans.