Can I Use Indoor Ceiling Fan Outdoor

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In summer, it is hot and muggy outdoor. Even if you take a rest in the garden, we still feel the hot wave. Installing cool ceiling fans outside sounds like a great and wonderful idea. But, when comes to the installation of ceiling fans, you need to be aware of the type of fan you use because there is a difference between outdoor ceiling fans and indoor ceiling fans in function. They are designed to be used for different purposes and safety features.

Can I Use An Indoor Ceiling Fan Outdoor

No, you can’t install the indoor ceiling fans outdoor. It is because the indoor ceiling fan is not designed to fit the exterior use and can not withstand the outside environment, such as rain. Only outdoor ceiling fans can be used outside.

What Happens If You Use An Indoor Fan Outside?

If you wrongly install the decorative indoor ceiling fans outside, the fan motor may get damaged. Even worse, it may create a short and cause an electrical fire. And under the outside environment, the indoor ceiling fan blades also get different levels of damage, according to the material of the blades.
●Wooden: Although the wooden ceiling fan is coated, its blades are still vulnerable to rot and easily get moldy when exposed to a moist environment.

●Plastic: some small room ceiling fans can be made of plastic. And, when the plastic small room ceiling fans are exposed to extreme heat outdoor environment, some fan parts may warp or bubble. These wraps and bubbles not only could reduce the efficiency of the fan’s airflow but also may cause the fan to wobble.

●Metak: The floor metal fan also can not be used on the outside. It is because the moisture environment may corrode the metal components, as a result, the fan doesn’t work well. Fortunately, today, most manufacturers also launched metal fan outdoor on the market.

Can An Outdoor Ceiling Fan Be Used Indoors?

The outdoor ceiling fan almost can be installed anywhere have electricity. And the ceiling fan has a damp rating and wet rating ceiling fans can be used both indoors and outdoor. It can be regarded as an indoor outdoor ceiling fan.

Are Outdoor Ceiling Fans Safe?

After finishing the previous section, you may wonder what about the outdoor ceiling fans in the outside environment. Can they work well outside? Are they safe outside? The outdoor ceiling fans actually are safe and work well, even if it is raining, due to the special design. With their all-weather blades and motor casing, outdoor fans are waterproof and withstand a damp environment.

Where can install the Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

When comes to the installation of an outdoor ceiling fan, this question also arises. In this section, the author would list some places that are a good point to install the ceiling fan.


The porch is the first and great place you can install the outdoor fan. Outdoor ceiling fans both provide decorative and functional features to any porch area. In the evening, it could be used for improving airflow. On a sunny afternoon, the ceiling fan with water spray can be used for cooling down an area.


In summer, it is extremely hot in the garage. If there is no AC in your garage, you could take the fan into your consideration. For storage, the modern ceiling fans can reduce the amount of humidity that will be affecting your belongings.


No matter what type of functional room, any indoor/outdoor room can benet from the airflow that indoor ceiling fans/outdoor ceiling fans create. In the sunroom, the heat usually gets concentrated and the temperature rises quickly inside. And The ceiling fan could improve the air movement, so it will adjust the temperature.

Is A Patio Ceiling Fan Worth it?

The patio ceiling fans can be regarded as patio cooling fans. The patio cooling fans help ward off pests like bugs and insects that can ruin your outdoor parties or foods.


All in all, indoor ceiling fans can not be used outdoor, but outdoor ceiling fans can be used indoors and an indoor outdoor ceiling fan can be used in outdoor and indoors. The outdoor ceiling fans are great home furniture. In summer, it helps to circulate air, reduce heat, and reduce humidity.