Best ceiling fans

The Best Fans for silent, smooth airflow. Bowin only offers the best ceiling fans with a powerful motor and modern design

You can find the best fans in Bowin. Bowin offers 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blade fans ceiling fans. Our fans vary in price based on size, features, and materials. Our ceiling fans could help you create the best indoor/outdoor environment which could relax you.

Whether for living rooms, bedrooms, or playrooms, it is all ideal.

Included in the package is a down rod for extra flexibility when you want to control its speeds. Whichever setting you choose, the fan runs with little noise. It is easy to install and the classy look makes it a beautiful showpiece.

Types Of Mount

There are two common types of mount: Downrod mounts and flush mount.The biggest difference between them is flush mount grounds the outlet box only while the downrod mount connects wire from outlet box to green wire from downrod using a marrette.For low ceilings, we highly recommend choosing the flush mount because it is specifically designed for standard room sizes so that you can get it to the right height.Remember that the distance between the floor and fan blades MUST be at least 7 feet for safety.


The size of ceiling fans is the diameter of the circle that the fan’s spinning blades create, also called “sweep”. Most ceiling fan manufacturers nowadays include this indicator in their product description for their customers to easily consult.

But in case there is no information, you can calculate it on your own. Following this:

For those ceiling fans with even blades, use their blade spanFor those ceiling fans with different blade sizes and shapes, measure from the fan center to the end of a blade, then multiply it by 2.

The major element to determine the size of a ceiling fan is room size.

And according to instructions from the American Lighting Association, here is how to find out the right size for your room:


There are two types of ceiling fans’ motors: DC and AC.While AC motors are much more affordable, they aren’t as energy-efficient as the DC. Not to say that DC motors deliver quieter operation, more speed settings, quick response, and a reverse function to use all-year-round.If you’re looking for a ceiling fan to use in the bedroom or home office room where the requirement of silence is higher, invest in those ceiling fans with a DC motor.For really tight-budget homeowners or you intend to occasionally use it, the AC seems to be more reasonable.

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