Tower Fans: What to Know Before You Buy

Tower Fan Standing near a bed

Today, we will talk about one special type of fans – tower fans.

You may ask, why exactly tower fans? You will understand the uniqueness of these appliances in the next 10 minutes. Tower fans are able to deliver cool fresh air to your apartment in a matter of minutes, while being very pocket-friendly at the same time. Many of them also feature sleek eye-pleasing design.

Let’s start with basics. A tower fan is a type of cooling appliance that is narrow and tall. The device is able to oscillate from left to right and it can push hot air outward. It is different from an air conditioner since it does not cool air, but just creates air flow. This makes the device very energy-efficient, which is a great advantage as it will significantly reduce your utility bills.

A tower fan is also very easy to maneuver, considering its light weight and portability. A tower fan also enjoys an advantage over normal electric fans as it takes minimum space. It easily fits into the corner of any room, taking up very little space.

Also, the appliance’s blades are shielded with a special cover, which makes it very safe. Some tower fan models do not have blades at all. Thus, a tower fan is a great option for families with little kids.

Following on this, tower fans nowadays come in a variety of eye-pleasing designs, which will fit any interior. You can choose from hundreds of feels and looks that are available in the market. The slim and contemporary designs of these little helpers will meet any set requirements.

Normally, people purchase tower fans for homes, offices, and cafes/restaurants. A tower fan will also work as a good cooling solution in libraries, bars, and other public spaces.

Most models also feature a timer function that allows The timer allows you to set the operation time of the tower fan for several hours before it is meant to go off. This feature is very convenient when you want to have fresh air circulating in the room before you go to sleep.

Often, tower fans feature special built-in ionizers. The ionizers are able to purify the air and remove dust, animal dander, and pollen from it. Therefore, a tower fans is a great option, if allergies appear to be an issue. But that’s not all!

Some of the modern tower fans offer a number of other great options. This includes the misting fan mode, humidifier function and much more.

Tower fans look rather futuristic, while some models do not even look like fans, but some kind of interior decoration. The great design of a tower fan is coupled with a high level of cooling capacity. So how exactly do these appliances work?

The usual tower fan functions with the help of an electric motor that spins the cylindrical container that holds the fan’s blades. Normally, these blades run the full length of the fan to ensure proper breeze. The motor on the fan is operated via a manual switch or an electric control panel. The tower fans also include an oscillation function.

This feature allows to improve the efficiency in distribution of fresh air across a wider area.

The blades of the fan or, so – called impeller blades are created to move air swiftly through the cylindrical container. They also push air through the main vents in the outer cover of the tower fan. The blades are built to push air up and down the container. This is a feature that differentiates tower fans from conventional fans, where the flow of air is usually horizontal.

Tower Fan Standing near a bed
Such vertical flow of the air allows even and reliable distribution of air. The cylindrical container features multiple outlets and closings for better performance of the tower fan.

The airflow that is created by the tower fan is designed to move in a vertical manner when it leaves the outer housing of the appliance. This function ensures that the

Tower fans are oscillating just like any other traditional fans. However, they are able to cool a wider area due to the length of the vent running the full length of the tower fan. These appliances oscillate on a base stand and then distribute the air circulation at a 90-degree angle.

Most of the tower fan models feature air filters that prevent the spread of dust and pollen. The support base assembly is coupled with the motor base for stability of the tower fan.

Just like with any other electronic device, the possible complexity of completing simple tasks can appear intimidating. It is essential to determine the functionality of the tower fan you are looking for. As we discussed above, the models that are available on the market today, feature a myriad of useful functions.

While all of them are very practical and efficient, without a doubt, it is still important to make sure that a certain model and its functions fit your needs.

The range of tower fans’ available functions are impressively wide. These include programming, auto shut-off, different levels of air oscillation, remote access, and much more. Some comprehensive models offer so-called dual qualities, such as air humidifying and purifying, as we mentioned before. Being so feature rich, how do you use the tower fan?

It is as easy as it looks. You need to plug in the device and just push the button. All models come with an instruction manual as standard. However, the simple touch of a button will do everything for you. In case you opt for a tower fan with advanced functions, most of them feature explicit details and easy-to-understand control panels.

The great control panels allow the user to navigate between functions with extreme ease.

Not really. However, you will need to make sure that your tower fan does not overheat. While modern models of tower fans do not tend to overheat, some of older ones do.

The vertical design of the tower fan allows for great level of comfort, however, it can also emerge as an issue. The air in the tower fans move in a very compact space. This implies that sometimes the air can get trapped in this space, causing the appliance to overheat.

In order to minimize the risk of this problem, high-quality tower fans come along with This polarized plug has one large plug that needs to be plugged into a correct polarity outlet.

Moreover, for safe operation of the tower fan, you will need to make sure that the fan is placed properly. The best way to position your tower fan is to place it in a protected area where it remains stable, while also being far away from open windows. Moreover, the choice of location must be a place which is likely not ridden with high moisture levels.

Before we answer this question, let’s look at some similarities between these two. Both the fan types are not supposed to cool air, as they just ensure that fresh air flows steadily.

Moreover, they do so at a surprisingly low operational cost – most of the fans could be utilized 24/7 and they would still not cost you a fortune in the bargain. Also, pedestal and tower fans are not expensive to buy in general. However, some of the advanced models can be pricey.

These types of fans are very convenient due to their portability – you can position them anywhere you want and then relocate them with zero effort. Moreover, they come in handy when you want to clear the air in the room from undesirable odours/smells.

The pedestal and tower fans deliver almost the same results. They differ in their air flow directions and the type of air flow they produce.

In case you want the air directed at a height above the ground or at some particular spot in the room, the pedestal fan is a great option.

However, if you want air flow to run closer to the floor, go for a tower fan. These fans are also able to deliver breeze to a reasonable height. Some models have special levers to direct the airflow up or down.

There are some other factors you need to consider before making up your mind about the type of fan that suits your house/office.

Space is one of the most important points you need to think about when it comes to the choice of a fan. For those, who look for a cooling device for apartments with smaller rooms, tower fans are a great option due to their sleek design.

The compact size of a tower fan allows the user to maximize the space utilization in a room, while still enjoying a cooling breeze in the hot summer months.

However, since pedestal fans feature bigger blades, they are able to cool larger rooms quicker, in comparison to tower fans.

While some need extra air circulation in their rooms, others contrarily look for ways to fight their allergies. In case you are just looking for a way to cool the air and get some fresh air flow in the apartment, both the pedestal and tower fans are able to deliver on this requirement.

If you want to purify the air of animal dander or dust, the tower fan is what you really need. As we discussed before, the numerous functions of these fans are great in aiding you to achieve your desired cooling goals. Most tower fan models are able to help you by cleaning and improving air quality.

Style is also a very important distinction between pedestal fans and tower fans. If you are looking for a great level of capacity that comes with a sleek design, go for the tower fan. These type of fans usually come with an aesthetic eye-pleasing appearance that will definitely complement your existing décor.

Stylish tower fan.

The pedestal fans come in handy when you are looking for a simple cooling solution for a larger room.

Now, since we have already discussed the key points in terms of usage, benefits and the functions that tower fans possess, it is high time to look at the companies that produce these little helpers. We will discuss the most popular tower fan brands in detail, in order to get a clear picture of the tower fan market as a whole.

Different tower fans.

Bowin is producing fans, air heaters, and humidifiers. The company was founded by FoShan in 2013.

Bowin devices include various kinds of Box Fans, Outdoor Fans, Personal Fans, Power Fans, Stand Fans, Table Fans, Tower Fans, Window Fans, and Fan Parts.

Bowin’s fans offer a variety of great functions that promise to exceed the cooling needs of any customer. Their fans also ensure an energy saving advantage that allows the users to take control of their utility bills into their own hands.

Bowin is a technology company from China that specializes in the production of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters and hair dryers.

Bowin’s fans feature re-engineered airflow paths. This allows the devices to reduce turbulence throughout the appliance. Moreover, airflow paths provide superior competence to the device.

Additionally, Bowin claims that their fans are very safe and easy-to-clean. Also, their fans offer a great variety of functions, including the famous Air Multiplier? technology. This technology safeguards uninterrupted streams of smooth air.

Cleaning a tower fan is what you would want to do on a regular basis in order to ensure proper operation of the appliance. Just like any other type of fan, tower fans gather a lot of dust in them. Therefore, for cleaner air in your room, you will need to clean your device

You might face an obstacle here – due to the special construction of the tower fan, it might appear problematic to clean it. Don’t worry, there is a special routine that will ensure a stress-free and efficient cleaning process.

Moreover, pay close attention to the type of cloth that is recommended by the manual – some tower fan models need special treatment with a specific type of cloth fabric.

First, unplug the tower fan, and place it in an area where you can move freely while cleaning it. It is recommended to wear the protective eyewear and mask since, in the cleaning process, there will be a lot of dust flying out of the appliance. Therefore, you would want your eyes and lungs to be protected through the process.

In case your tower fan has a panel, detach it by removing the screws. Place the screws in a small bowl to make sure you do not lose them.

Furthermore, if you have an air compressor just turn it on and use it to blow off the dust from the panel. If you are using a can of compressed air, shake it for 30 seconds and then proceed with blowing off the dust.

After you are done with panel dust, turn the fan at 180 degrees and use a cleaning brush to clean the remaining dirt from the tower fan. In the end, screw the panel back onto the fan, if your model implies doing so. You can now put it back to its usual place and enjoy fresh airflow all over again.

Tower fans are perfect cooling companions for your apartment or office in the hot summer months. These appliances will not only deliver the breeze that you need so dearly in the summer but will also save you a lot of money while doing that.

A central air conditioning system is a pricey option when it comes to cooling houses. Tower fans provide a great level of convenience due to their portability and light weight.

Moreover, tower fans feature a unique construction that allows the device to Their construction is also very convenient for smaller rooms and offices – the tall and narrow devices fit perfectly into the corners without occupying significant amounts of space.

Tower fan in bedroom.

Now that you have learned everything about tower fans, it is the perfect time to look into our Best Tower Fan Buying Guide, which will provide essential tips to you on how to purchase a high-quality tower fan. We will look into the current models of tower fans and discuss their pros and cons in detail – see you there!

Maybe your budget won’t allow you to buy an air conditioner. Or perhaps it’s not a practical to install or use where you’re at. Whatever the reason, using a tower fan to cool the room is a great option.

When browsing for the best tower fans to cool a room there are an overwhelming amount of models to choose from. The good news is a few stand out and offer a bit more for the money. You’ll love using them, too!

Don’t waste time searching! Below you’ll find best tower fans in Bowin you can buy.

In addition, there’s a helpful buying guide section with a ton of great information about fans.

How do tower fans work?


How do tower fans work

In contrast to traditional box and other blade fan designs, tower fans have a unique and tall vertical shape. A cylindrical fan assembly rotates and blows air horizontally. While traditional fans work well in most cases, tower fans can distribute air more evenly and in some cases with less noise, too.

Tower fans are a unique design in that they’re cylindrical. That is, they have a tall and essentially round design much like a cylinder you may recall from your old geometry classes.

They’re while traditional fans like ceiling fans, box fans, and tabletop fans are very popular, tower fans offer some benefits that the others cannot.

Tower fans work by using a tall vertical fan assembly driven by a motor to blow air horizontally. Unlike traditional designs, they don’t use standard fan blades to cut through the air and create air pressure to cool your room.

Their blades are more of a curved design which appear as a circular pattern when viewed from a top-down perspective.

Tower fans vs box fans and ceiling fans

While both can cool a room, tower fans are actually easier to use than traditional products and offer several benefits over them:

A smaller base means they’re easier to find room for Many models have more quiet operation than traditional designs

Easily portable Can be placed near you for better cooling more easily Many offer features like timers or remote control operation.

Think of tower fans as more advanced fans that allow more benefits and features than the average fan does. Ultimately the biggest advantage of buying a tower fan is that they can cool a room better than other fans due to their better air coverage.

How do tower fans cool a room?

How do tower fans cool a room

Tower fans use forced convection to remove heat from objects in a room, including you. Convection the scientific term for the movement of fluids (including gases like air) which transfer heat…including removing it, thereby cooling you.

As I mentioned earlier, tower fans work using a cylindrical and vertical blower design. The result is a vertical stream of air blowing throughout a room that passes by objects including you.

Basically a fan moves air rapidly across your body and removes heat, causing you to feel cooler.

Fans cool a room using the principle of forced convection. That is, fans force air across people or objects and transfer heat away from them using the principle of convection. Convection is simply using liquids (including gases like air) to transfer heat.

For example, your computer’s CPU relies on a cooling fan which removes heat by drawing cooler air over it. This process draws cooler air over it and pushes out heat it drew away from the processor.

With enough fan speed and when using a well-designed product, tower fans circulate air in the room and help keep air moving for more comfort.

How tower fans help save money?

Using a tower fan has another great benefit – they’re much more energy-efficient than using an air conditioner unit.

Most air conditioners use quiet a bit of energy as they must power not only an electric fan but also an energy-hogging compressor used to circulate refrigerant and cool the air. Tower fans, however, can operate up to a whopping 60% more efficiently!

You can also combine the two for energy and money savings: by using a tower fan in a room where an air conditioner is already in use, you can turn up the air conditioner, reducing it usage. The fan will help distribute cool air in the room and will also aid in cooling by itself.

In other words, adding a tower fan can boost an air conditioner’s effectiveness while reducing power costs.

The best tower fans can make cooling your space actually look good, all while helping you feel comfortable at the same time, making them ideal for a variety of situations. A good tower fan can be very powerful or, in some cases, super-quiet. Either way, they usually take up very little space in your home and can be neatly stored away in winter.

Some features to consider looking out for when buying the best tower fan include an ability to rotate, so as to better spread the air. A quiet running option for night time use is another top feature to look for, and for sheer ease of use, look for tower fans with WiFi and voice controls. Most come with an auto off option, so you can save power without having to physically turn off the fan yourself.

Pricing varies massively on the best tower fans, so we’ve included a wide range below to help you to find the perfect option for your cooling needs. Alternatively you may want to look at the best central air conditioning units or the best thru wall air conditioners, which cool actively but at a higher running cost.

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