3 Blade Ceiling Fan

What’re the Differences between 3 Blade Ceiling Fan and 5 Blade

Compared with 5 blade ceiling fan, A 3-blade ceiling fan can move more air in a room than a 5-blade. The main reason is having a fan with more blades can slow it down significantly. This is why you would see wind turbines having fewer blades. However, a 3-blade ceiling fan is makes louder noise than a 5 blade ceiling fan does.

The Benefits of 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

In the design, Add style and comfort to your home with a 3 blade ceiling fan design from Bowin. 3 blade ceiling fans are favorites of interior designers for their streamlined appearance. In the working function, 3 blade fans are just as effective at moving air. When not in motion, they have a sculptural look.

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